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Google has locked down access to archived recordings of its weekly all-hands “TGIF” meetings after Breitbart News published a video of the company's ...

A recent report claims that Google employees internally discussed burying search results for conservative media outlets like Breitbart News and The Daily ...

Breitbart News Senior Tech reporter Allum Bokhari appeared on One America News Network recently to discuss the latest Breitbart exclusive Google “The Good ...

Google wants to "Police ...

Google Video Leaked to Breitbart Confirms Tech Giant Wants to Destroy Trump Agenda


Google Organizes Rallies Protesting Trump Temporary Terror Travel Halt

Following Breitbart News' recent reporting of a leaked Google “TGIF” meeting in which Google executives and employees displayed a left-leaning political ...

... his company does not “manually intervene” on any particular search result. Yet an internal discussion thread leaked to Breitbart News reveals Google ...

Following Breitbart News' latest bombshell report on Google's blacklisting of pro-life YouTube videos, Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) commented on the company's ...

... documentary The Creepy Line, joined Breitbart News Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlow on Breitbart News Daily, Friday, to explain why Google's denial of bias ...

Google Betrays Anti-Breitbart Bias with 'Lying' Home Assistant Answer

Google Video Leaked

Breitbart News Editor-at-Large Peter Schweizer appeared on Breitbart News Daily with Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlow to discuss his #1 selling book Secret ...

Google draws conservatives' ire after a leaked 2016 video on Breitbart shows company executives discussing Trump

Why Google should deindex Breitbart News…

Conservatives rally around claims of bias at Alphabet

Jim Jordan (R-OH) said in an exclusive statement to Breitbart News on Thursday that Google's “bias is not surprising” in the wake of a video that details ...

EXCLUSIVE — Research: Google Search Manipulation Can Swing Nearly 80 Percent of Undecided Voters

Breitbart: Google's Search Engine 'Fixing' Results For “Hillary Clinton”

Conservative non-profit group PragerU has filed a second lawsuit against Google, accusing the company of censoring conservative viewpoints by “engaging in ...

A video of Google's first all-staff meeting after the 2016 election has been published

American thinker and economist George Gilder joined Breitbart News Daily this week to discuss his book Life After Google.

The Creepy Line Documentary highlights the influence of Google and Facebook

The alt-right's top news site still has Google and other ad companies keeping it afloat

CNN, Google, NYT, Fox News, Breitbart Logos

Breitbart Town Hall Breitbart video frame

Bokhari: How Many Other Establishment Conservatives Are Funded by Google?

Breitbart News published a leaked video of Google's leadership lamenting the election of President Donald Trump on Wednesday, which elicited reactions from ...

Google draws conservatives' ire after a leaked 2016 video on Breitbart shows company executives discussing Trump

Dr. Robert Epstein found that Google “suppresses [and] depresses websites such as Breitbart News” in accordance with the company's left-wing and partisan ...

Google Play for Education

Leon Neal/Getty Images

Breitbart News

'Hold your nose and look for hate speech' – Breitbart says Google tried to slash its ad revenue

According to Breitbart, the existence of the blacklist (terms Google considered sensitive) was revealed in an internal Google discussion thread leaked to ...

Leaked emails: After Trump victory, Google employees sought to ban Breitbart from ad revenue

Leaked Google Video After Trump's Win Adds to Pressure From Conservatives - The New York Times

Google: Stop Profiting from Breitbart's Propaganda

Breitbart News

Google Teams with Cuban Dictatorship to Improve Internet Service

... recently called for an investigation into tech giant Google following a leaked video of an all-hands internal meeting posted by Breitbart News.

Starting with last years Rebels of Google series, Breitbart News has uncovered a number of examples of clear bias at the Silicon Valley tech titan, ...

Exclusive: Leftist Google Employees Conspire To Undermine Breitbart's Ad Revenue

how to exclude a site on google display network


LEAKED VIDEO: Google Leaders Hold Meeting Claiming Their Determination To Thwart Both The Trump Agenda!

Hollywood actor John Leguizamo had a meltdown on Twitter, Tuesday, after a Breitbart News article appeared in his Google search results.

Google Flagged Archaeological Site's Historical Pics as 'Inappropriate'

Google Employees Lash Out at Inclusion of Conservatives on Company's AI Council

Source: Google Locks Down Access to Videos of 'TGIF' Meetings Following Breitbart Scoop

Three new plaintiffs have joined former Google employee James Damore's lawsuit against the company, alleging gender, racial, and political discrimination.

Google Recognizes Breitbart News supports free speech

Steve Cohen to Google CEO: Too Much Breitbart When I Search for My Name

Google reportedly failed to disclose a “secret” microphone featured on its home security product, Nest Secure.

NIGHTMARE: Breitbart reveals LEAKED confidential video of dismayed Google execs talking about thwarting Trump after 2016 election

An empty chair reserved for Google, which refused to send its top executive, as Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey testify before the ...

A video published on Breitbart ...

Google Planned To Destroy Breitbart

Google (Photo: Unsplash/Paweł Czerwiński)

Opinion from TheSorrentino.com: Google employees consipired against Breitbart?

LEAKED VIDEO: Google Leadership's Dismayed Reaction to Trump Election | Breitbart

Google employees considered banning far-right news outlet Breitbart from Google AdSense on 'moral' grounds - which would have stopped it taking in ...

Leaked video shows Google leadership's political bias and conspiracy

'Hold your nose and look for hate speech' – Breitbart says Google tried to slash its ad revenue

BREAKING: Breitbart News obtained internal Google 85-page briefing titled “The Good Censor”, where Google researchers brag about controlling the majority of ...

In an effort to combat “fake news,” Google has launched a new feature on their search engine titled “Fact Check” which adds a label to certain links ...

'Google has locked down access to archived recordings of its weekly all-hands “TGIF” meetings after Breitbart News published a video of the company's ...

Google Lawsuit: Senior Engineer Sought to 'Blacklist Alt-Right Websites' Like 'Breitbart,' Purge YouTube

New York: A video published by the right-leaning website Breitbart on Wednesday has led to a fresh controversy for the IT giant Google.

Google Lawsuit: Senior Engineer Sought to 'Blacklist Alt-Right Websites' Like 'Breitbart,' Purge YouTube

A columnist for The New York Times has called upon Google CEO Sundar Pichai to resign following the controversial dismissal of former employee James Damore.

Google Developing Tools to Suppress Online Speech, Protect Elites' Feelings

Andrew Breitbart, editor and founder of the conservative news site Breitbart, speaks at a

... who claimed allegations of social media censorship against conservatives were “baseless” and a “hoax,” on Thursday, received over $20,000 from Google ...


Donald Trump: Google, Facebook, and Twitter 'Better Be Careful' | Breitbart

Conservatives like the editors at Breitbart are accusing big web platforms like Facebook and Google of censoring and discriminating against right-wing ...

Google's Anti-Breitbart Plot: Employees Targeted Site's Ad Revenue in 2017

Breitbart leaks video of Google's reaction to Trump victory in 2016


A source on the right needs to compile a list of fake news sites — real fake news, not conservative sites liberals don't like.

Google's Anti-Breitbart Coup EXPOSED

LEAKED AUDIO: Google Discusses 'Steering' the Conservative Movement | Breitbart

Bombshell leaked video released by Breitbart on Wednesday shows top Google executives crying over Donald Trump's 2016 election victory and promising to ...

Allum Bokhari, Breitbart.com 10-9-18… “'THE GOOD CENSOR': Leaked Google Briefing Admits Abandonment of Free Speech for 'Safety And Civility'”

Google Denies Political Bias After Breitbart Leaks Video And Email Reactions To Trump Election

Here's google's statement on that video breitbart got its hands on

... a San Francisco-based attorney representing former Google engineer James Damore in his class-action lawsuit against Google, joined SiriusXM's Breitbart ...

BREITBART Publishes Leaked Video Showing Google Leadership's Dismayed Reaction to Trump Election

Google Employees Sought To Block Breitbart From Ads, Emails Show


Google Hits Back Over 'Hate Site' Breitbart Claims in 'Fake News' Row