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Cat tail flicking

Cat tail flicking


Cats flick their tails for many reasons. It's usually because they're excited.

Cat's flicking tail

A gray and white cat with his tail raised.

8 Cat Tail Signs — Decoded

Cat Tail Wagging: The Meaning of Your Cat's Different Tail Wags

Cat Facts: What Does it Mean When a Cat Wags Its Tail?

cat whipping tail

Cat tail wag-the tail flick

Cat tail language: The basics

Photo Gallery

A black cat with a swaying tail.

A gray cat with a whipping tail.

cat tail chart

Cat tail wags-the arched tail

Why Do Cats Flick Their Tails?

7 Common Cat Tail Injuries

Cat Tail Wagging: What Different Wags Mean

Cat's tail curled

Cat's have many different ways of expressing their feelings and communicating. It is common for us humans to interpret what our cat may be feeling by paying ...

7 Signs Your Cat Is Truly Happy | Cat Care | Cat tail language, Cat tail meaning, Cat behavior

Cat tail wags-the vertical hold

For many years we underestimated our feline friends – believing they were solitary creatures only communicating with each other at the very edges of their ...

Vertical Tail

Cat tail position

neutral cat tail

Why Do Cats Flick Their Tails?

Cat Tail Wagging: What Different Wags Mean

I'm feeling happy: A feline holding its tail up tall wants you to

Cat Flicking Tail Animation Cycle *Test*


Cat Tail Language: What Your Cat's Tail Is Telling You

Cat Tail Meanings

What does it mean when cats wag their tails? This guide to cat tail language

striped cat hiding in a bag

Understanding Your Cat's Body Language: The Tail

When feeling confident, your cat ...

cat with flicking tail

Your Cat's Tail, Ear, and Eye Signals. iStock_000005570636Large. Tails

puffed up cat tail

cat with slightly bent tail

Cat_Tails_Chart_2. The Flagpole Tail

Imagine it's a windy day with water dripping onto the roof of your car while you drive your cat who is carefully stuffed into her carrier to visit the vet.

Tucked Tail

Here's What It Costs to Care for a Cat

kitten with busy tail

Cat Tail Body Language

Cat Tail Body Language

Why is My Cat's Tail Twitching (Flickering) When Lying Down?

Tail flicking.

Tail Trauma in Cats

What is your cat saying? What does it mean when your cat waves its tail? Wouldn't it be great if you could talk to your cat and know what it was feeling?

How to Read Feline Tail Twitches

Photo courtesy Daniele Nicolucci photography.

Many cat tail movements are voluntary. Others aren't.

One particularly notable exception to this rule of “high tail = happy, low tail = afraid” is the iconic “Halloween Cat” tail. A kitty tail, shooting ...

FELINE ANXIETY poster-final

A cat with his tail down.

While it is commonly known that dogs wag their tail at the sign of excitement or greetings, cats on the other hand, have more mystery surrounding their tail ...

gray striped cat

Why Do Cats Wag Their Tail? Discover what your cat's tail language really means and

gray cat tail

Image titled Understand Your Cat's Body Language Step 2

9 Things Your Cat Loves

No, cats don't caress their own tails. That would be super weird. But they will caress you with their tails. If a cat's tail brushes up against ...

Cat Tail Body Language

cat tail position meanings

My pussy Cat - Tail Flicking haha

Tabby cat walking away from pile of messy colourful wool

Cat body language flicking tail

Since imgur is so big on cats, here's a chart to know exactly how they feel about you - Imgur

(Picture Credit: Getty Images)

A cat with an upright tail.

Cats wear their emotions on their tails, and other cats are wise to take note

What Your Cat's Tail Can Tell You

Image is loading Froli-Cat-Flik-Cat-Toy-automatic-teaser-tail-

Meaning of Cat Tail Movements | end your cat is probably afraid cat s body language

Irritated: An agitated cat will have their ears laying flat back. Their tail will be flicking back and forth.

Why Do Cats Wag Their Tails? A Guide To Understanding Your Cat's Tail - Tuxedo Cat


When ...

When your cat holds her tail high in the air as she moves about her territory, she's expressing confidence and contentment. A tail that sticks straight up ...

How to Give Your Cat a Proper Bath

Your cat's tail

Young male lion looking agitated flicking its tail Ngala Timbavati Game Reserve Limpopo Province South Africa

How often have you looked at your cat and thought 'I wonder what's going through her mind?'. As primates, we are trained to look at faces to recognize ...

Its the equivalent of her putting her arm around you. Its a gesture of love.